Red Devils win home opener in style

Saturday 6, June 2015 - Red Devils

At almost sell-out capacity the home-opener for the Canterbury Red Devils started off with a roar as both teams found the back of the net on their very first shots of the game. The Red Devils scored through a great shot from an off-balance Peter Kopecky and the Admirals got on the board early due to a breakaway from West Auckland Admirals player Dylan Dickson who slipped it 5-hole on Coleman.

The 1st period continued with a highly offensive minded style of play - as the period went on 4 more goals were scored from the Red Devils (Dale Harrop, Liam Dallimore, Dean Tonks & Chris Eaden) and 3 more from the West Auckland Admirals (Robbie Chamberlain, Tom Tracy (2)). After 20 minutes of play the score was 5-4!

The 2nd period was a lot calmer than the first with both teams improving their physical play and defensive mindset . Dean Tonks scored the lone goal of the period – compare that with the 9 combined goals in the 1st .Michael Coleman stood tall during the 2nd 20 minutes and the Admirals could not penetrate the Red Devils net. The score after the 2nd was 6-4 in favour of the home-town Red Devils.

The 3rd period saw sufficiently more penalties racked up for both teams , although the Red Devils were the only ones who capitalised on this advantage. Tonks completed his hat-trick during the final 20 minutes as well as goals from Hayden Argyle and Tom Tappin. Michael Coleman was once again standing tall and made some key saves during the period to maintain the lead. The Red Devils offence could not be contained in this game, racking up plenty of genuine scoring chances throughout the contest.

Final score: Red Devils - 9 West Auckland Admirals - 4.

Thank you to the awesome crowd and the RedDevils supporters cheering them on. Lets up the atmoshere tomorrow night as the Devils go for a double Victory! Secure your ticket online or come along tomorrow and purchase your ticket at the event.